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British Woad: The Pigment, Woad Balls, Dyer's Kits, Weld and SeedBritish Woad: The Pigment, Woad Balls, Dyer's Kits, Weld and Seed
British woad produced in the heart of Boudicca's Iceni countryside. Under independent tests, our woad powder was found to have a much higher purity than others tested.

Woad ink made with British woad pigment.

Ladies Denim JacketLadies Denim Jacket
We now have in stock a nifty little zip-up jacket. Made to our own specifications, this jacket is made from 100% cotton twill and is HAND DYED with woad at The Woad Centre.

A beautiful selection of shibori silk, knitted and woven scarves in natural colours from Alpaca feece with woad-dyed yarn.

Various styles made with natural fibres, including lambswool, alpaca and mohair mixes. Woven woad-dyed and undyed yarn.

Skin friendly, woad oil based, toiletries.

Woad production and dyeing workshops, where you will dye a scarf to take home at the end of the day.

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Whilst thanking all for their continued custom, please note that, because of annual leave, we will be processing orders placed between 24th July to 3rd August on the 4th August.  We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.


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